We will be back in Mai 2021
and, if the situation requires it, we will continue to follow the health protocol to assure the Guests even in summer 2021 a safe and pleasant holiday.

Every morning starts with a plentiful buffet breakfast with sweet and savoury choices, home made cakes and croissants still warm from the oven from 7.30 to 10.30 am.

The Hotel’s management personally takes care of selecting the sweet and savoury items served at the buffet.

Breakfast is served in a bright and air-conditioned breakfast room that follows the new health and safe protocol. 
It's possible to take breakfast also on the Hotel terrace and in the garden. 

A good breakfast to start a beautiful day at the beach:

  • variety of fruit juice
  • every day fresh fruits and vegetable 
  • freshly made both white and bown bread
  • croissant from the oven, homemade cakes, pancake with maple syrup
  • Italian charcuterie such as Prosciutto cotto e crudo, Mortadella, Speck und Salame
  • different types of Italian cheese
  • boiled eggs and frittata
  • muesli and cereals, rice crispies with chocolate
  • different tastes of yogurt
  • Caffè espresso, Cappuccino, Latte macchiato with fresh ground coffe und friesh milk
  • barley coffe and different tea types of tea
  • marmalade, honey and nutella